What does the network do?

The MPPN provides international support to policy makers engaged in or exploring the construction of multidimensional poverty measures, including input into the design of the measures, and the political processes and institutional arrangements that will sustain them.

The Communiqué  issued at the high-level meeting of the network in Acapulco, Mexico in October 2015 details four areas of work for the Network.

  • The network and its participants endorse the use of a Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) in the SDGs, to track Target 1.2, because this rigorous yet intuitive statistic makes visible interlinkages across SDG indicators, supports integrated and coordinated multi-sectoral policies, and is disaggregated to support interventions that leave no one behind.
  • The network and its participants encourage the development and adoption of national MPIs as official complementary poverty statistic, as well as regional MPIs and specific MPIs using the same methodology. National MPIs complement national monetary poverty measures.
  • The network will continue as field leaders to develop policy-relevant tools of measurement, evaluation, policy design and analysis. And in doing so, will engage the academic and research communities in the vital task of fighting poverty effectively.
  • The network will endorse the use of MPIs and monetary poverty statistics rather than GDP per capita to guide Development Assistance

The Network maintains an active website and publishes an on-line magazine, Dimensions, that shares lessons learned and case studies of governments and agencies developing and implementing multidimensional poverty measures and policies.