Targeting and Evaluation

The MPI is used for different kinds of targeting:

Geographical Targeting: When the MPI is computed from surveys that can be disaggregated subnationally or from census data or, it is possible to map poverty and target the MPI poorest areas. If this information is available over time, it can show whether the poorest regions have reduced poverty faster so are catching up – or whether they are being left behind. Of course the targeting of the poorest areas has to be complemented with analyses of where the largest number of poor people live. Large numbers of poor people may live in populous subnational regions even if these are not the poorest.

Household or individual Targeting: The MPI is also used to target households to receive benefits that will reduce MPI deprivations. A well-designed MPI built directly from census data or from beneficiary surveys may have far lower errors of inclusion and exclusion in identifying the MPI poor than Proxy Means Tests. It is also easy to compute and explain.