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Global MPI 2017: 0.022
National MPI: 20.2% (in 2015)
Launch date of national MPI: August 2011
Institution responsible for national MPI: Department of Social Prosperity
Dimensions of national MPI: education, childhood and youth conditions, work, health, and public services and housing
Joined MPPN: 2013

In 2011, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced a new National Development Plan, with poverty reduction as the focus. Devised by the Ministry of Planning, it features a Colombian Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI-Colombia), based on the Alkire-Foster method, which is used both to set specific targets and track progress. The most recent National Development Plan of 2015 again places a focus on the MPI.

Voluntary National Review: According to Colombia (2016) poverty reduction in Colombia occurred in all its dimensions. Non-monetary reductions were tracked and accelerated using a multidimensional measure that implemented the Alkire Foster methodology. In 2010, 30.4% of the population were MPI poor where as in 2015 it was 20.2%. Colombia’s MPI is disaggregated by gender, age, urban/rural, and regions. Full Report Here

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“A Counting Multidimensional Poverty Index in Public Policy Context: the case of Colombia” by Roberto Angulo, Beatriz Díaz and Renata Pardo.


Multi… what? Teaching How to Explain the Differences between Multidimensional and Monetary Poverty

Hablar de dimensiones, incidencia de la pobreza o umbrales de privación puede ser un dolor de cabeza para cualquier persona no especializada. En Colombia el Departamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadística (DANE) desarrolla un taller para periodistas que explica estos conceptos de manera simple y práctica, el cual ha sido dictado en varios países de la región. Silvia Botello, del DANE, nos entrega más detalles en este artículo.

OPHI 10 Years!

OPHI will be releasing a number of videos, one per week, to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The videos feature policymakers and academics sharing their thoughts and reflections on our 10-year journey.

‘Poverty is a multidimensional phenomenon which requires a multidimensional political response’

Colombia was one of the first countries to officially establish a multidimensional poverty measurement in 2011. Tatyana Orozco, ex-director of Colombia’s Department for Social Prosperity, spoke with Dimensions about how the Columbian government is using the Colombian Multidimensional Poverty Index (C-MPI).

Editorial | Dimensiones 3

In this edition, we are pleased to present a variety of articles from different regions of the world – Latin America, Africa and India – that illustrate the richness offered by multidimensional poverty indices (MPIs) for analysing poverty, either alone or as a complement to income measurement.

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