El Salvador
Foto: David Álvarez Veloso

Global MPI 2017: 0.026

National MPI: 0.152 (2014 data)

Launch date of national MPI: October 2015
Institution responsible for the MPI: Ministry of the Presidency
Dimensions of the national MPI: childhood and adolescence, housing, access to work, health and food security, and habitat.

Joined MPPN: 2013

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Press Release of El Salvador´s Presidency

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Defining MPI dimensions through participation: the case of El Salvador

In late 2009, El Salvador began the process of creating a multidimensional poverty measure. A central issue was the definition of the constitutive dimensions of the Multidimensional Poverty Index. How should the dimensions that would best reflect what Salvadorian society considers as the core aspects of poverty be chosen?