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3 October, 2022
alvise forcellini

Cameroon has witnessed substantial economic growth in the new millennium, but what has happened with poverty? A recent OPHI Working Paper has indicated that monetary and multidimensional poverty decreased in Cameroon between 2001 and 2018, albeit slowly and to varying degrees across the different demographic, socio-economic, and spatial groups of the population.

The proportion of multidimensionally poor people in Cameroon was always higher than the proportion of the monetary poor. At the same time, multidimensional poverty has reduced much faster than monetary poverty at the national level.

Over this period, higher levels of poverty in Cameroon were strongly associated with rural livelihoods, large family size, less education, employment in agriculture, and the northern regions of the country.






This article was published in Dimensions 14



Cameroon Dimensions Multidimensional Poverty