The Network has a number of high-profile participants who have endorsed its work, and highlighted the value of multidimensional approaches to measuring and reducing poverty.

What is the importance of the network and the MPPN annual meetings? Participants of the network give their opinion in the following videos.

In June 2013, at the launch of the Network at Oxford University, former Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, said that:

“I am a firm believer that it is in our duty to lead ambitious social changes within our countries. Fortunately, the Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network (MPPN) will be the platform to help this happen. The sole idea of applying this tool [the AF method] in more countries is inspiring”

At the same event, Thomas Silberhorn, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Government of Germany said:

“I regard the MPPN as something really special. Within a short period, close and strong cooperation has developed between countries. And the network is growing. It is doing pioneering work and is a good example of what global partnership should be”

Value of Multidimensional Poverty Measures

Of the importance of multidimensional poverty measurement to policymakers, Achim Steiner, UNDP Administrator, indicated:

“Beyond being an official poverty statistic and improving our understanding of poverty, the Multidimensional Poverty Index is an instrument for enhancing governance, by acting as a policy coordination tool, helping to improve national information systems, and fostering accountability of governments.”