COVID-19 impact on multidimensional poverty in Dominican Republic

2 December, 2020
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The government of the Dominican Republic released a document analysing the possible effects associated with the COVID-19 pandemic on multidimensional poverty.

Six possible scenarios were defined: 1) access to health services in the event of illness, 2) health insurance, 3) access to food, 4) school attendance or dropout, 5) family support and 6) informality. For each scenario, the analysis considers three possible magnitudes of the effect: mild (25%), moderate (50%) and severe (75%).

In all scenarios and magnitudes, an increase in the incidence of multidimensional poverty is observed, as in the MPI-DR, and the estimated effect is statistically significant.

The three largest effects on multidimensional poverty are related to the increase in deprivation of access to medical services due to illness, followed by family support and school attendance.


Simulation on health dimension

Simulation on health dimension

Source: COVID-19 y la Pobreza Multidimensional en República Dominicana. Simulación del Efecto de la Pandemia en la Pobreza Multidimensional en República Dominicana.


This article was published in Dimensions 11

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