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National MPI

Multidimensionally Poor (based on National MPI): 53% (IOF 2014/2015).

The Mozambique MPI has 17 indicators, grouped into three dimensions – education, health and determinants of health, and living standards. Given the importance of each, the decision was made to give equal weight to each dimension. All of the indicators for each dimension were also given equal weights.

Analysis of the 2014/15 MPI-MZ indicates that 53% of the population is multidimensionally poor. There is a great difference between rural and urban areas. In rural areas, 70% of the population are in a situation of multidimensional poverty, while in urban areas it is 17%. Meanwhile, the south of the country has substantially lower levels of poverty (18%) than the central zone (62%) and the north (67%).


Mozambique MPI – Dimensions and Indicators

Source: Poverty and Wellbeing in Mozambique (in Portuguese).

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