Photo: J. A. Alcaide

Joined MPPN: 2019


Gabriel Ferrero, Director of Sustainable Development Policies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Spain at the 2018 UNGA, MPPN High Level Side Event pointed out:

The experience of all the continents and especially in the Latin American community has shown that the multidimensional poverty index has been the best possible indicator for the evaluation of the first SDG, to guide public policies and to make reality the principle of not leaving to no one behind.

Since  the 2030 agenda is universal and the use of the multidimensional poverty index is also transformative and useful for the OECD countries and for my country in particular where also the forms of poverty and social exclusion are a reality in many ways, Spain has considered the multidimensional poverty index in its voluntary national review that we carried out in July of this year in the high level political forum and we have included in our action plan for the implementation of the 2030 domestic agenda .