Videos and presentations from the high-level meeting, Berlin, 7-8 July 2014

10 September, 2014

The high-level meeting of the Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network in Berlin from 7-8 July 2014 featured presentations from representatives of 16 governments regarding their commitment to measuring and reducing multidimensional poverty. View  the presentations below.

View a video on the participants’ experiences of the meeting.

You can also access photos, the final meeting Communiqué  outlining the meeting outcomes, and the agenda and list of participants, and summary.

Keynote speeches

St Lucia  Prime-Minister-official-photo-100 Hon Dr Kenny Anthony Keynote speech: ‘Redefining the Strategy for Redemption’ Prime Minister video_iconpdf-icon-transparent-background2
Dominican Republic Margarita_Cedeno_de_Fernandez Margarita Cedeño de Fernández Keynote speech: ‘The Importance of Multidimensional Measurement’ Vice-President of the Dominican Republic  video_iconpdf-icon-transparent-background2
Mexico valle-100-crop Dr. Juan Manuel Valle Pereña Keynote speech Executive Director; Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation   video_iconpdf-icon-transparent-background2
Costa Rica Ana_Helena Ms. Ana Helena Chacón Echeverría ‘Measuring Poverty Multidimensionally: An Aspiration of Costa Rican Public PolicySecond Vice President   video_iconpdf-icon-transparent-background2

Monday 7th July

OPHI Dr Sabina Alkire ‘Introduction to the MPPN Meeting’ Director, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative video_icon
Mexico Enrique_Gonzalez_Tiburcio
Mr Enrique Gonzalez Tiburcio ‘MPI in Mexico: Public Policy Uses Against Poverty and Vulnerability’ Advisors Coordinator, Social Development Secretariat video_icon
South Africa  Pali_Lehohla  Mr Pali Lehohla ‘Why Statistics and/or Measurement Matter’ Statistician General video_iconpdf-icon-transparent-background2
Brazil  Paulo Dr Paulo de Martino Jannuzzi ‘Measuring and Monitoring Extreme Poverty, Social Advances and Programs achievements and problems in Brazil: Without Extreme Poverty Plan’ Secretary of Evaluation and Information Management; Ministry of Social Development and Fight Against Hunger Brazil video_iconpdf-icon-transparent-background2
 Bhutan  Sonam_Tobgyal Mr Sonam Tobgyal ‘The Bhutan Multidimensional Poverty Index’ Senior Research Officer; Gross National Happiness Commission video_iconpdf-icon-transparent-background2
 China    Dr Xiaolin Wang ‘Practice on Multidimensional Poverty Alleviation in China’ Director of Research Division; International Poverty Reduction Center in China video_iconpdf-icon-transparent-background2
 Nigeria             Yemi_Kale  Dr Oyeyemi Kale ‘The Nigerian Experience’ Statistician General of the Federation and Chief Executive Officer; Bureau of Statistics video_iconpdf-icon-transparent-background2
 Philippines  Rosemarie_Edillon Dr Rosemarie Edillon The Philippines Multidimensional Poverty Index’ Assistant Director General of the National Development Office; National Economic and Development Authority video_icon
 Vietnam  Truong Mr Truong Thi Ngo ‘Vietnam on the approach to Multidimensional Poverty measurement’  Director of the National Steering Committee for Poverty Reduction’s Coordination Office; Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs video_iconpdf-icon-transparent-background2
 Colombia  Gabriel_Vallejo_López Mr Gabriel Vallejo López ‘MPI Colombia’ Director, Department for Social Prosperity  video_iconpdf-icon-transparent-background2
 Mozambique  mattuse Mrs Cristina Matusse Rethinking Poverty Measurement in Mozambique’ Deputy National Director, Ministry of Planning and Development video_icon
 Chile  Heidi_Berner Mrs Heidi Berner ‘Multidimensional Poverty in Chile’ Vice Minister of Social Evaluation; Ministry of Social Development video_icon pdf-icon-transparent-background2
 Turkey  Meral_Daskiran Ms Meral Daskiran ‘Recent Development in Poverty Studies in Turkey’ Head of Labour Force and Living Conditions Department; Turkish Statistical Institute  pdf-icon-transparent-background2
OPHI Sabina Alkire ‘MPI and the SDGs’ Director, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative pdf-icon-transparent-background2

Tuesday 8th July

 Colombia  Gabriel_Vallejo_López Mr Gabriel Vallejo López ‘Social Map Colombia’ Director; Department for Social Prosperity  video_iconpdf-icon-transparent-background2
 Philippines  Rosemarie_Edillon Dr Rosemarie Edillon ‘Multidimensional Poverty’ Assistant Director General of the National Development Office, National Economic and Development Authority video_iconpdf-icon-transparent-background2
South Africa  pali Mr Pali Lehohla ‘Use of Statistics to Frame Inequality in South Africa’ Statistician General  video_iconpdf-icon-transparent-background2
China   Dr Xiaolin Wang ‘Incorporating Environmental Data in China’ Director of Research Division; International Poverty Reduction Center in China  video_iconpdf-icon-transparent-background2
Mexico  Gonzalo_50Enrique_50 Dr Gonzalo Hernández Licona and Mr Enrique Gonzalez Tiburcio ‘Multidimensional Poverty Measurement: The Mexican Wave’ Executive Secretary; National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL) & Advisors Coordinator, Social Development Secretariat 
OPHI  adriana_50ana_50 Ms Adriana Conconi and Dr Ana Vaz ‘Multidimensional Poverty Index: Main Findings 2014’ Research Officers, OPHI video_iconpdf-icon-transparent-background2
Pakistan  pakistan Naeem Uz Zaffar Multidimensional Poverty in Pakistan’ Member, Social Sector; Planning Commission Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform, Government of Pakistan video_iconpdf-icon-transparent-background2