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National MPI

Multidimensionally Poor (based on National MPI): 38.8% (in 2014/2015)
Launch date of national MPI: June 2016
Institution responsible for national MPI: Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform
Dimensions of national MPI: education, health, and living standards

Pakistan’s Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) builds upon the global MPI, retaining the same three core dimensions: education, health and living standards. The choice of indicators, however, reflects the country’s particular context and political priorities, as well as the data available in the Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement surveys (PSLM). In total, 15 indicators are used in this national index, of which 7 indicators are the same as those used in the global MPI (Pakistan MPI report, 2016).

Pakistan MPI – Dimensions and Indicators

Source: Report on Multidimensional Poverty in Pakistan (2016).

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