South Africa
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Global MPI 2021 – Country Briefing

National MPI: 8% (in 2011)
Launch date of national MPI: 2014
Institution responsible for national MPI: Statistics South Africa
Dimensions of national MPI: health, education, living standards, and economic activity

Joined MPPN: 2014

In early 2014, Statistics South Africa produced a national Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) – the South African Multidimensional Poverty Index (or SAMPI). Alongside the three dimensions used in the Global MPI – heath, education and living standards – SAMPI includes a fourth dimension on economic activity, using unemployment as the indicator.

The measure has been designed to “improve poverty measurement for the country and to align ourselves with the growing international trend towards measuring poverty beyond the traditional money-metric method”. It is intended to complement the money-metric measures already used in the country, including the food poverty line, the lower-bound poverty line and the upper-bound poverty line.

Additional Info: ‘The South African MPI: Creating a Multidimensional Poverty Index using Census Data’ by Statistics South Africa