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Delegates’ Perspectives on the MPPN Annual Meeting 2015

Publicado el: November 2nd, 2015 Por MPPN


cherise xiaolin musa
Cherise Adjodha. Programme Analyst. Poverty Reduction Portfolio. Organization of Eastern Caribbean States. Xiaolin Wang. Director of Research Division. International Poverty Reduction Center. China


Musa Jega Ibrahim. Islamic Development Bank
jose-aguilar jorge-ramon-hernandez ibrahim
Jose Aguilar. Executive Director, Horizonte Positivo. Costa  Rica Jorge Ramon Hernandez. Minister, General Coordination. President’s Office. Honduras Ibrahima Dieng. Head of Division. Pro-Poor Policies. Ministry of Economy, Finance and Planning. Senegal


enver celia bijan
Enver Tasti.   Turkish Statistical Institute. Turkey.  Celia M. Reyes. Senior Research Fellow, PIDS and CBMS Network Leader. The Philippines.


Bijan Pant. Advisor to the Prime Minister. Nepal.
pali alexandra-barrantes
Pali Lehohla. Statistician­‐General. South Africa Alexandra Barrantes. Section Chief, Equity Promotion Section. Organization of the American States