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Global MPI 2017: A Piercing Light on Child Poverty

Publicado el: June 5th, 2017 Por MPPN

OPHI has launched the 2017 Global MPI, which added estimations for Algeria and El Salvador, and updated MPI estimations for 23 countries including China, India, Mexico and South Africa at a special anniversary seminar at Oxford University on 1 June.

OPHI also launched its first-ever child poverty disaggregations for every country, finding that half of the multidimensionally poor people across 103 countries were children.

All materials can be accessed via the links below.

OPHI Briefing 46  Children’s Multidimensional Poverty: Disaggregating the global MPI (8 pages)

OPHI Briefing 47  Global Multidimensional Poverty Index 2017 (16 pages – overview of main findings)

Press Release

MPI Country Briefings 2017: A PDF for each of the 103 countries giving a concise overview of the MPI and associated statistics using the most recent dataset available.

Interactive Databank: Select your country and the statistics you wish to visualise in charts or maps, and create your own images for your presentations and analyses


DATA TABLES – excel tables with comprehensive results for 103 countries:

Tables 1.1-2.3  National MPI results, headcount ratio by dimensions, contribution of deprivations and other measures of poverty and wellbeing at the national level (103 countries) 

Tables 3.1-4.3  Rural and Urban Disaggregations: Multidimensional poverty, headcount ratio by dimension and contribution of deprivations in rural and urban areas (102 countries)

Tables 5.1-5.4 Disaggregation by Subnational Region: Multidimensional poverty, headcount ratio by dimension and contribution of deprivations at the sub-national level (988 regions of 78 countries)

Tables 6.1-6.6 Changes in Multidimensional Poverty over time: Strictly harmonised tables, including annualised changes in headcount ratio and intensity, changes in each indicator at the national level and changes in destitution where available (50 countries)

Table 7   Archive of all MPI estimations: The table presents an archive of all MPI estimations published since 2010. These are not harmonized for comparisons over time (for harmonized estimations see Table 6). Table 7 covers 256 estimations for 120 countries in 2017.

Tables 8.1-8.4 Child Poverty: Disaggregation by Age Group Multidimensional poverty, headcount ratio by dimensions and contribution of deprivations for different age groups at the national level (103 countries)