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Guatemala will develop a National Multidimensional Poverty Index

Publicado el: June 9th, 2017 Por MPPN

The Minister of Social Development, José Moreno, invited Dr. John Hammock, co-founder of OPHI, to come to Guatemala to discuss a possible national MPI with the Government and various stakeholders that would be important in the development of a National MPI in Guatemala.

Dr. Hammock spoke to the leadership and also the technical staff of MIDES (the Ministry of Social Development). He singled out the importance of the trip of Vice Minister Demetreo Morán Herrera to the MPPN meeting in Acapulco late last year. Dr. Hammock also spoke to leaders of NGOs and key think tanks.

Also important were meetings with the Organization of American States, the UNDP and the European Union, all who expressed interest in supporting the program in different ways.   In a meeting with the Minister and Vice Ministers of MIDES with Dr Hammock, the Vice President of Guatemala, Dr. Jafeth Cabrera Franco, expressed the strong interest in a national MPI at the highest levels of the Government.  As coordinator of the Social Cabinet of the country, he looked forward to presenting the National MPI to that Cabinet.  He indicated that MIDES will lead the process but the full Government is behind the effort to build a National Guatemala MPI.

Left to right: Carlos René Vidal López, Vice Minister of Social Protection; José Mauricio Rodriguez Vice Minister of Administration and Finance; John Hammock; Jose Moreno Minister of Social Development and Demetreo Morán Herrera Vice Minister of Social Policy, Planning and Evaluation.


Training on MPI of Government technical staff.