Presentations from the 2016 MPPN Meeting

10 November, 2016

Participants from more than 30 countries and international agencies gathered at the 4th Annual Meeting of the Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network (MPPN) on the 8 and 9 of November, 2016, in Acapulco, Mexico. This conference was an opportunity for sharing experiences on multidimensional poverty measurement among a growing network of countries and experts from around the world.


Keynote Speeches

World Bank Luis-Felipe López-Calva, Co-Director of World Development Report 2017
Capabilities, Multidimensionality, and the Monitoring of Global Poverty
Heike Kuhn, Head of Unit, 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, BMZ, Germany Keynote Speech
UNICEF Martin Evans, Senior Advisor, Poverty Keynote Speech


Pre-Conference Workshop “Fundamentals of Mexico Multidimensional Poverty Measurement”

Mexico National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL) Ricardo Aparicio Jiménez – Deputy Director General of Poverty Analysis, CONEVAL
Enrique Minor Campa – Director of Measurement and Monitoring Poverty Indicators, CONEVAL
Luz María Uribe Vargas – Director of Norms and Poverty Measurement Methodology, CONEVAL


Inaugural Session and Opening Remarks

Mexico and OPHI MPPN Organizers Hector Astudillo – Governor of the State of Guerrero
Gonzalo Hernández Licona – Executive Secretary of CONEVAL
Sabina Alkire – Director, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), University of Oxford, Secretariat of MPPN
Luis Enrique Miranda Nava, Mexican Minister for Social Development
OPHI Sabina Alkire, Director, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative Introduction and Overview of the MPPN Meeting pdf-icon-transparent-background2


Sharing of Practice on Multidimensional Measurement

Colombia Tatyana Orozco de la Cruz, Director of the Department for Social Prosperity, Colombia  El IPM como Instrumento para la Construcción de la Paz  pdf-icon-transparent-background2
China Ou Qingping, Vice-Minister, State Council Leading Group Office for Poverty Alleviation and Development
Ecuador Roberto Castillo, Technical Coordinator of Innovation in Metrics and Analysis of Information, National Institute of Statistics and Census pdf-icon-transparent-background2
South Africa Bathabile Olive Dlamini, Minister of Social Development Intervention pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Chile Heidi Berner Herrera, Deputy Secretary of Social Evaluation, Minister of Social Development Ampliando la Mirada sobre la Pobreza y la Desigualdad en Chile pdf-icon-transparent-background2


Round-Table Discussion “Results Multidimensional Poverty Measurement in Mexico: National Strategy for Inclusion”

Mexico Moderator: Gonzalo Hernandez Licona, Executive Director, CONEVAL Vice-ministers from the Federal Government of Mexico


Sharing of Practice on Multidimensional Measurement, Part 2

Marie-Josee Bonne, Special Adviser on Social Development, Ministry of Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports Republic of Seychelles: The Route towards Developing our National MPI pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Costa Rica Ana Monge Campos, Technical Commissioner, Presidential Social Council El IPM en Costa Rica pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Paraguay Lyliana Gayoso de Ervin, General Director of Analysis of Public Policies, Technical Secretary of Planning of Economic and Social Development Multidimensional Poverty Index for Paraguay pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Morocco Mrs. Fouzia Daoudim, High Commission of Planning The Moroccan Experience pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Peru Nancy Hidalgo Calle, Technical Director of Demography and Social Indicators, National Institute of Statistics and Informatics
Perú: Pobreza Multidimensional Avances en su Medición
Lofti Fradi, President of the Committee of Global Balances and Statistics, Ministry of Development, Investment and International Cooperation


Sharing of Practice on Multidimensional Measurement, Part 3

Maria Eugenia Perez Ponsa, Member, National Council for the Coordination of Social Policies
Argentina: Hacia la Construcción de la Medición de la Pobreza Multidimensional
Chad Tiro Raoul Mbaïogoum, Head of the Department of Social Statistics, National Institute of Statistics, Economic and Demographic Studies
Cape Verde Celso Herminio Soares Ribeiro, Vice-Chair, National Institute of Statistics
Cuba Susset Rosales Vázquez, Researcher, National Institute of Economic Research of the Ministry of Economy and Planning
Indice de Pobreza Multidimensional. Primeros Acercamientos a la Medición en Cuba
Dominican Republic Edwin Gomez, Economist, Department of Analysis of Economic Information, SIUBEN
Mohair Metwaly Ahmed, Senior Statistician, CAPMAS Using HIECS for Impact Evaluation and Targeting Tools pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Honduras Miguel Zuñiga, Subsecretary, Program Vida Mejor
Côte d’Ivoire Nguessan Gabriel Doffou, Director of the Statistical Office, Ministry of Planning and Development
Jamaica Christopher O’Connor, Policy Analyst, Planning Institute
Panama Michelle Muschett, Vice-Minister, Ministry of Social Development Medición Multidimensional de la Pobreza en Panamá pdf-icon-transparent-background2
St. Lucia Edwin St. Catherine, Director of Statistics, Central Statistics Office, Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs and Social Security Multidimensional Poverty Index: St. Lucia 2015 pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Uganda Ben Paul Mungyereza, Executive Director, Bureau of Statistics


Side Event on Cooperation for Development: “Multidimensional Poverty Methodologies for Effective International Development Cooperation Policies that Ensure No One is Left Behind”, AMEXCID and GIZ


Sharing Experiences and Case Studies

OPHI Gisela Robles Aguilar, Research Officer The Global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) and the SDGs pdf-icon-transparent-background2
China Zuo Changsheng, Director General, International Poverty Reduction Centre, China Poverty Registration and Precisely Targeted Multidimensional Poverty Alleviation in China pdf-icon-transparent-background2
South Africa Pali Lehohla, Director General of Statistics South Africa Making MPI Work pdf-icon-transparent-background2
UN-ESCWA Khalid Abu-Ismail, Chief of the Economic Development and Poverty Section Multidimensional Poverty in Arab Countries: National and Regional Initiatives pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Costa Rica Jose Aguilar Berrocal, Executive Director, Horizonte Positivo Innovaciones con IPM en Alianza Público Privada pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Tatyana Orozco de la Cruz, General Director, Department of Social Prosperity
El IPM como Instrumento para el Fortalecimiento de la Política Pública


Final Communiqué pdf-icon-transparent-background2