Videos and Presentations from the MPPN 2015 Meeting

2 October, 2015

The third annual meeting of the Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network was hosted by the Government of Colombia from 2-3 June 2015 in Cartagena. More than 100 policymakers and senior officials came together for the two-day meeting to discuss developing and applying multidimensional poverty measures.


Keynote Speeches




President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia Keynote Speech  



Costa Rica
Ana Helena Chacón Echeverría, Vice-president of Costa Rica Estrategia Nacional para la Reducción de la Pobreza pdf-icon-transparent-background2


Round Table Discussion: Colombian Ministers Share their Experiences of Working with the MPI

Colombia Moderator: José Aguilar, Fundación Acción Joven – Horizonte Positivo, Costa Rica Alejandro Gaviria – Minister of Health and Social Protection

Gina Parody – Minister of Education

Luis Garzón – Vice-Minister of Labour

Luis Henao – Minister of Housing, City and Territory



Setting the Stage: Introduction to the MPPN Meeting



Dr Sabina Alkire, OPHI/George Washington University Introduction to the MPPN Meeting pdf-icon-transparent-background2



Sharing of Practice on Multidimensional Measurement



 Tatyana Orozco de la Cruz, Director of the Department for Social Prosperity, Colombia  El Índice de Pobreza Multidimensional en la política pública La experiencia de Colombia  pdf-icon-transparent-background2




 Yi Zhang, Household Survey Office, NBS  Overview of China’s Multidimensional Poverty Monitoring and Evaluation   pdf-icon-transparent-background2video_icon
 South Africa


 Pali Lehohla, Statistician­‐General  Equity and Access Poverty knowledge in South Africa  pdf-icon-transparent-background2video_icon


Dr. Celia M. Reyes, Senior Research Fellow, PIDS and CBMS Network Leader Monitoring Multidimensional Poverty in the Philippines pdf-icon-transparent-background2video_icon


Doctor Jorge Ramón Hernández Alcerro, Secretario Coordinador General de Gobierno La construcción del índice de pobreza multidimensional en Honduras pdf-icon-transparent-background2video_icon


Enrique González Tiburcio Ministry of Social Development Multidimensional Poverty Index in Mexico: Public Policy uses against Poverty and Vulnerability pdf-icon-transparent-background2video_icon
Dominican   Republic
Matilde Chavez Bonetti, Vicepresidencia de República Dominicana
Índice de Pobreza Multidimensional en la República Dominicana pdf-icon-transparent-background2video_icon


 Andres Mideiros, Secretario Técnico para la Superación de la Pobreza Pobreza multidimensional en Ecuador: Enfoque de derechos para el buen vivir. pdf-icon-transparent-background2video_icon


Mai Nguyen Hoang Progress on Application of Multidimensional Poverty Approach in Vietnam pdf-icon-transparent-background2video_icon


Enver Tasti, Turkish Statistical Institute Poverty studies in Turkey  pdf-icon-transparent-background2video_icon


The Global Stage

Dr Sabina Alkire, OPHI/George Washington University The SDGs and the windows they open pdf-icon-transparent-background2video_icon


Designing and Communicating the MPI

Laura Estrada, Departamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadística  Prácticas de Comunicación:
Experiencia Colombiana


Practical Applications and Case Studies

El Salvador


Jimmy Velasquez, UNDP El Salvador La Pobreza desde la Mirada de sus Protagonistas pdf-icon-transparent-background2video_icon


Marconi Fernandes de Sousa, Department of Monitoring SAGI/MDS Multidimensional Poverty Analysis in Brazil video_icon


Dr Xiaolin Wang, IPRCC Policy on Accurate Multidimensional
Poverty Alleviation in China


Enrique González Tiburcio, Secretaria
de Desarrollo
Cruzada Nacional contra el Hambre pdf-icon-transparent-background2






Adriana Conconi

Bouba Housseini

James Foster

Global MPI: Main findings and analysis pdf-icon-transparent-background2video_icon


Final Communiqué pdf-icon-transparent-background2